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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> [speaker not understood] -- >> so, it is my honor today, an honor of filipino heritage month, ~ to recognize the incredible, incredible contributions of iled quihano [speaker not understood]. the director of community engagement and bernal heights [speaker not understood]. she is a long-time youth and public safety advocate in district 9. let me tell you a little bit about her story. after imi grating, she grew up in district heights and the excelsior. it was in these neighborhoods she first found her voice in
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advocating for change. ~ while still a student at balboa high school, ilid organized students and parents to fight against the reconstitution of balboa high school by at that point the board of education. she advocated for the teachers that she loved. being a daughter of a migrant farm worker, she was raise today appreciate the importance of hard work, the importance of family. her motivation and drive helped earn ilid a place at u.c. berkeley, becoming only a few balboa graduates that at that time moved on to higher education. while there ilid joined the filipino academic student services, pass and for four years worked to recruit and retain dedicated filipino students who had gone through the same struggles that she had gone through. in 2009 ilid found herself working for the bernal heights
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neighborhood center where she has worked in a number of capacities including as a census worker, a public safety coordinator, a program manager, and now as the director of community engagement. today ilid continues to improve the lives of seniors, of youth, of neighbors and resident leaders in harley courts, bernal dwellings. this work has included organizing hot spot walks and i've been to many of them, that bring together residents and city departments to boost public safety in educating seniors so they're able to effectively advocate for their need. she has worked closely with the residents of bernal dwellings, alemany housing and especially holley courts to help develop resident leader that know how to navigate municipal system for the purpose of advocating for their own needs and having their voices heard. she also helped to form a
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neighborhood group called bernal go team whose aim is for neighbors to come together to advocate for concerns together and to launch any community collaboration opportunities such as community clean-up days. ilid along with many other filipino leader in the city has also advocated to make tagalog the lang warren buffettv certified in san francisco, a great achievement for the filipino community and a necessary and important language access issue. when looked at in its entirety, it is clear that ilid's organizing work is not just a job for her. it is truly a passion. it is something that is deep, genuine, and personal. lift as you climb has always been her motto, lift as you climb. she is a true daughter of san francisco and our diverse community and i want to thank her for everything she has done for district 9, for bernal heights and i am honored to have worked with her, to call
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her friend, and i know that she is here surrounded by community, the community that she continues to impact on a daily basis. congratulations, ilid. [cheering and applauding] >> the floor is yours. >> thank you so much, supervisor campos. i work with both john and david, and i really want to thank you for having this day and time in recognizing all of the filipino -- honoring everybody else that has done so much work in the community. [speaker not understood], i'm going to say it again. we definitely are standing on the shoulders of those who have paved the way for us and sacrificed so much for us including my parents. they migrated here. they didn't speak english, but i think they did their best and i want to recognize everybody else's family everything that they've done and the sacrifices.
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and i also want to recognize everybody behind me because i know that this is -- i seriously [speaker not understood] all of them. (applause) >> really honor them. they do a lot of things every single day in our neighborhood and i also want to recognize people that -- it's really weird [speaker not understood]. my teacher here from high school who is [speaker not understood]. hi there [speaker not understood]. and also terry and rachel abora who have really, i've been looking at them and their leadership and mentorship i think is really amazing. so, thank you so much for everything. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you, ilid. and i know that supervisor avalos wanted to say a few words, but the thing about it is a lot of young people are looking to you now as an example. so, thank you. supervisor avalos? >> i just want to take a picture with you, too. and just to say that -- [laughter] >> it's been a pleasure to work with you.
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and thank you for all your contributions and [speaker not understood] your speech. >> thank you. [cheering and applauding] [cheering and applauding] >> thank you, supervisor campos.
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why don't we now go to district 8, supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. president. and so many great honorees today, and i have the pleasure of recognizing carmel a [speaker not understood], are you still here? thank you, come on up. (applause) >> so, carmello was born in the philippines and raised in maryland. she graduated university of maryland and as a due graduate, i won't hold that against you, with a bachelor's in government and politics, a certificate in asian american studies. she spent 7 years working for our amazing member of congress, then speaker of the house of representatives and hopefully a future speaker of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi and her campaign and leadership [speaker not understood] and so forth.
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she also advised speaker pelosi on her outreach to the a-t-i community. she was also heavily involved with the congressional asian pacific american staff association on capitol hill. she then came out to san francisco, much to our benefit and the community's benefit, and she is now the senior manager of public a at sales force where she is responsible for policy and political strategy in sacramento as well as locally here in the bay area. ~ public as >> carmelo, it's really a pleasure to work with you and be able to recognize and honor you today. congratulations. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, supervisor wiener, for this honor. i'm really humbled to be receiving this commendation among so many of my [speaker not understood] who i have met after working with congressman
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nancy pelosi for so many years. i'm fortunate to have had a role that allowed me to give back to my community. and, so, for the years that i did work for congresswoman pelosi, we worked on immigration, we worked on veterans issues, we worked on language access issues. as i moved over to the private sector, my work at sales force as i continue doing things with cloud and privacy, i've also gotten to work, still give back to my community regarding marriage equality and affordable housing. so, a lot of what we do in term of inside and outside grassroots partnership, private/public sector partnership i want to continue to do that. i've never forgotten to always remember where i came from and to continue to give back. so, thank you so much, supervisor wiener, and the rest of the board of supervisors for this commendation and for the rest of my [speaker not understood] here today. (applause)
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~ calaban (applause) >> our final presentation of the day will be by our district 7 colleague, supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. congratulations to all the honorees. and you can see from just today the diversity of leadership that comes out of the filipino-american community and how they express their leadership. it's so different in the way they do this. so, today i have the great pleasure to recognize art belanson. will you come up? better known as the mayor of west portal, as district 7's honoree for filipino-american
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heritage month, arch immigrated with his family from the philippines in 1969 and opened his pet store on west portal avenue in 1971. he was called -- he has called district 7 home for over 35 years now and art was always eagle tore get involved and was active in the filipino-american community. during a time when there was a struggle for communities of color to even be recognized ~. he was one of the founding members of the filipino professional and business association and helped san francisco create ties with the manila as a sister city. art is well known in the neighborhood for his charm, warmth, and most importantly his leadership. always friendly, amicable, art helped to elevate the voices of neighbors and merchants. he served as the president of
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the west portal merchants' association twice and served on the board of forest hills neighborhood association. art carries himself with great civic pride and he's generous with his time as he has served in many capacities as a volunteer, advisor, and advocate to city and state bodies including the treasure island, yerba buena island citizens advisory board. this year's theme for filipino-american heritage month is legacy, and art bielenson certainly lives up to this title. art, or should i call you mayor art bielenson, on behalf of district 7 and the city of san francisco, i want to thank you for your contributions to the city. thank you for being a role model for civic engagement, leadership, tireless advocacy for the next generation of filipino-american leaders, and
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i am honored to be a friend. congratulations. (applause) >> it's been a beautiful ride, sad and happy. sad because we lose [speaker not understood] battle. we lost dr. boa, who are the pioneer leader of the filipino community. in san francisco, we work hard to [speaker not understood] for our self-to build a foundation for the filipino community. i see [speaker not understood] who started that. so, i'm sad because we lost so much, but happy because we have done a lot for our community. west portal is one of the best-kept secrets in the neighborhood. we have jewish people there, jewish, too. we have asians -- it's a very good diversified group of
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people and i'm glad i don't have to be elected because i'll be the mayor of the neighborhood as long as i'm alive. thank you, norman, for honoring me and us filipinos, we work very, very hard. not only in words, but in our spirit and in our deeds. it's the way we carry ourselves. honesty and hard work [speaker not understood]. so, tonight thank you and we keep on doing the good work for everybody, and please help us in our neighborhood. without my neighborhood, the forest hills neighborhood association, st. francis, [speaker not understood] who support me, these are my power, these are my base support. fill pin owes and everybody in our neighborhood. that's how fill pin owes [speaker not understood] in the community. [speaker not understood], but all groups of people. that's what we are known for. through our grandfathers. we keep doing our work and
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spread the word, we do a great work for everybody. thank you very, very much. appreciate it. (applause) >> [inaudible].
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(applause) >> thank you, colleague, for today's presentation. and i also want to thank all the amazing community leaders who are with us today, both the ones who we commend and all of you who are doing an incredible work, not just in our filipino-american community, but in san francisco. i want to invite everyone in 45 minutes downstairs at the city hall rotunda, the filipino-american history month celebration will begin with mayor lee and our filipino-american commissioners and hopefully our board meeting will end not too long after that starts so we can all go on to the celebration as well as to watch our favorite giants. so, with that again thank you all for being here. mabuhai. (applause) >> and with that, colleagues, why don't we now go to our 3:00 p.m. special orders. i also want to thank the
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parties who have been waiting for the consideration of these two special orders. i'd like to first call items 20 through 23 regarding 639 peralta avenue. madam clerk? >> items 20 through 23 consists of [speaker not understood] the decision of department of parks approving a tentative parcel located at 639 peralta avenue. item 21, 22 and 23 are the motions associated with that tentative parcel map. >> colleagues, for this hearing today, we will consider whether the tentative map for the 639 peralta avenue is consistent with our general plan or any specific plan that applies. as typical we will first hear from the appellant who will have up to 10 minutes to describe the grounds for the appeal. we will then take public comment from individuals speaking on behalf of the appel analyst. each speaker will have two minutes to present. we we'll then hear from representatives of dpw and the planning department who will have up to 10 minutes to describe the grounds for their
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decision to approve the tentative map following the departmental presentation we'll hear from the real party in interest who will have up to 10 minutes to present. we'll then hear from persons speakving on behalf of the real party in interest, and then finally the appellants will have up to three minutes for a rebuttal. unless there are any objections to proceeding this way, let me ask supervisor campos, do you have any initial comments [speaker not understood]? >> colleagues,ly have some comments once all the parties have presented. thank you. >> okay, at this time why don't he we now proceed with the hearing ~. if the representative of the appellant, if you could please identify yourself. you have up to 10 minutes to describe the grounds for the appeal. >> thank you, mr. president, and honorable board. my name is alex weyand. i'm a real estate lawyer here in san francisco and i represent william bradley. i know it's late in the day and there is a little noise in the hallway, but i'd like mr. bradley to stand upright now and i'm going to introduce him to you because he's a member of this community and has been for many years. mr. bradley owns a property, a
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true owner of 639 peralta. he holds a ph.d. and he's known in the community as oba tashaka. he is a professor emeritus at san francisco state university. has been since '05. he was a professor since 192 and perhaps best recognized by the san francisco public library in the 2013 black literary festival in their notice as the person who led the san francisco civil rights movement and addressed such issues as economic apartheid and job discrimination. ~ 1972 that's my client, folks. and his problem today and what he's asking you to remedy is the fact that a bank during the foreclosure crisis during the great recession foreclosed on an adjacent property that at one time he he also owned. he had taken out a loan with indy mac. indymac is out of business. they went out of business in the great recession. if you look at the deed of
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trust and it's attached to the complaint, we have filed a complaint with the san francisco superior court and ultimately we're going to urge you to deny this -- to make a motion denying this application to let the courts handle this matter. but if you look at the complaint which is verified under penalty of perjury by mr. bradley, you're going to find an exhibit the deed of trust. if you look at the deed of trust that is in your packet, and i can give you the specific exhibit reference in a minute, you're going to find that in the deed of trust it references that this loan is for 637 peralta, not 639 peralta, the adjacent lot. and what happens to mr. bradley is when indymac goes out of business deutsche banc takes over and that hadxctionv off to a firm in nevada [speaker not understood], they as the deed of trust foreclose and they make a mistake.
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they foreclose on both lots. that's why we're here today and that's why we filed a lawsuit. they foreclosed on 637 and 639. so, after they foreclosed and made this mistake unbeknowsctionv to mr. bradley, he had no clue any of this -- he had no clue any of this went on ~ until an indication in may of this year that there was construction on his property at which time, let me jump a little bit here, he then writes a letter to the property group who is coming here today, the applicant, and says, folks, there's a problem. it's a detailed letter, a letter you'd expect from a ph.d. there are exhibits attached. dole man ignores him. they've ignored the complaint that's been served on them since the beginning of october. bottom line is a mistake was made. we're going to prove it in court. with the greatest respect, this legislative body is ill suited as a general proposition for evidentiary findings, for rulings that of a legal nature
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-- this is a quiet title action. the fair place for it to be for my client is in the court system. so, we would ask you based on the mistake and i'm pleased to go through specifics if that's going to be helpful to you, beyond what i've said, that you ultimately one of you move to deny this application and that you so vote. i can answer any questions if there are any. otherwise i'll reserve the rest of my time for rebuttal. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions? okay. at this time why don't we hear from any members of the public if they wish to speak in support of the appellant. okay, and at this time why don't we hear from members of the department of public works and planning who will have up to 10 minutes to describe the grounds for their decision to approve the tentative map. >> good afternoon, supervisors. bruce [speaker not understood] city and county surveyor. i have little to add other than
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what i've provided you before. obviously we got an application for subdivision for two-unit new construction condominium. on august 8 we referred to all the public agencies. on the 18th of september we've got approval from the planning department and issued tentative approval, and on the 29th we got the notice of the appeal. we have the dole man properties listed as the owner and the subdivider and have no other additional information that indicates otherwise. >> colleague, any questions to city staff? okay, at this time why don't we now hear from the real party in interest. >> good evening. [speaker not understood] here on behalf of dole man properties. i don't have a good deal to add.
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the gentleman from public works is right on the money. we have done surveys. we have done the research. there is nothing to the complaint. that having been said, the complaint that is in state court should be the dominant issue here. we would suggest that the appeal, which is not the subject right now, which is late, i would point out, could have come a long time ago. it did not. what's happening right now is simply an end run and it's all about money. the property has been developed correctly and well to the tune of well over half a million dollars. somebody has waited long enough to make this worth their while to try to dredge this up. that's offensive on several different levels. i would also point out that any recourse that needs to be had by mr. bradley can be had in
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the courts. that's where it belongs. if the court decides that his allegations are well taken then he is obviously entitled to get himself a preliminary injunction. we don't think that's going to happen, but we suggest that it's probably not within the province of this committee to jump that issue in court. we suggest that this matter, line item before you, should be approved and following that on the calendar [speaker not understood]. any questions? >> colleague, any questions to the real party in interest? okay. >> thank you. >> seeing none at this time, let's hear from members of the public that wish to speak on behalf of the real party interest. seeing none, let's hear from the appellant who will have up to three minutes for a rebuttal. >> thank you.
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first let's talk briefly about the october 27, 2014 public works letter that's in your file. respectfully, the surveyor did not look at the entire chain of title. there are actually errors. the first bullet point refers to a deutsche banc deed dated march 25, 2011. there is no such deed attached to these papers. the actual deed that is being referred is the october 28, 2011 deed that is in the complaint. but if you look, you're not going to find any reference to the pre-existing chain of title with rsm & a and with indymac which explains the mistake. it's been left out. you don't have a complete record here today. second, there's been a comment made about we have nothing else in our files to tell us who owns this property. please take judicial notice of the most recent property tax bill, which i'd like to present to the clerk. guess who owns this particular -- 639? according to the city and
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county of san francisco it's william bradley. folks, you're being asked to vote on something that's just plain wrong. you don't have your facts straight in front of you. i strongly urge you to make a motion to deny this. and the idea that we're going to wind this way through court, that's right. it's going to take time. we have discovery outstanding. we september out document requests. we're serious about this case. rehe expectfully i'd ask that that motion be made to deny this application and it be voted on in favor of a denial. thank you very much for your time. mr. bradley, by the way, would like to say a few things if i might offer -- thank you. >> as part of the three-minute rebuttal. >> yes, in addition to what my attorney stated, you will note in the documents that the refinance done by indymac was on 637 peralta. it lists lot 15, the block no.. 639 was not covered. this property was owned by my family since 1943. this property was owned
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outright. i bought my family out of the property, paid them off, i owned it. foreclosure on 637, i own 639 outright. the county recorder's office, san francisco county recorder's office list me as the owner. it is listed in the documents that you have here. so, this is not a question of some false charge. i was not late in responding. i found out by a contract company that the concrete company that laid the concrete that they had laid concrete. they sent me a notice to pay for 75,000 of laid concrete because when they went to the recorder's office they found that i was the owner. so, the point is i moved on this as soon as i found out about it. it what not a case of waiting. and i received no response from
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dole man property when i wrote them [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. >> [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. thank you very much, sir. and with that, colleagues, any questions to the parties? supervisor campos? >> no, no questions. >> at this time item 20 has been held and is closed -- >> actually, no. i would like to -- >> you do not want to close it? so, if i could rescind, motion rescind, that objection that should be the case. [gavel] >> supervisor campos, what would you like to do? >> thank you, mr. president. i want to thank the parties and dpw for their comments. as was noted, there is a pending quiet title action in superior court that was filed on september 29th. and based on that, let me just say that legally there is a
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requirement that we actually hold this hearing. and, so, i'd like to move that the hearing remain open, but that because there is the pending quiet title action that we actually continue the discussion but pending what happens in court and there will be a need for additional briefing from the parties. so, the motion is to continue the discussion to keep the hearing open and to continue the discussion to i guess december 16th. would that be appropriate, city attorney's office, or should it be a longer date? >> deputy city attorney jon givner. as i understand it, the parties will have their first case management conference in superior court well into next year in march. the board isn't bound by that schedule.


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